When to Use SETTLE

Optimal Administration Timing

Optimal timing refers to when the opportunity for uterine infection and endometritis is greatest. Refer to product monograph for specific direction on when and how to administer SETTLE.

  • At the diagnosis of uterine infection & while
    awaiting culture & sensitivity test results
  • In conjunction with local or systemic antibiotic treatments
  • The day after foaling (or at the first sign of estrus) in known endometritis susceptible mares or recognized as difficult breeders
  • At time of retained placenta removal (and/or at the first heat of mares with history of retained placenta or delayed expulsion)
  • The day after foaling (or at first natural heat)
    in mares with poor reproductive tract conformation
  • At diagnosis of uterine inflammation or poor involution
  • At the time of natural breeding or artificial inseminationª
  • Immediately prior to shipping mares for breeding to expensive stallions
  • The day after foaling to ensure earlier uterine health, facilitate earlier breeding when mares are late in the season or to increase
    conception at the foal heat

a Note: SETTLE has been used experimentally in semen extenders for frozen & chilled semen. It has been infused concurrently with artificial insemination with no detrimental effects on spermatozoa or fertility.
(Armstrong, D.T., University of Adelaide, AU)